Monday, June 3, 2019

EUR / JPY: Today's Deal and Goals within the Week

The wave of declines over the last couple of weeks has begun to recede despite concerns about the collapse of the German Chancellor's government and some European troubles, but it is clear that the EUR is finding a lot of momentum for its various pairs today
Technically, our RSI has a clear positive correlation with the same positive on the MACD, while the pair maintained during the early trading of the week to stay above the SMA 50 days trying to regain the ability to reach the resistance areas which will be the first at 122.22, The pair is currently pushing us to enter into a buy now

Trading Recommendation
Buy the pair from the current levels 121.44
Stop loss below the 3 Jun low at 120.40
First profit (for quick trades) 122.21
Make a second profit (it might take a week to be) 123.75
Third profit (for long term traders) 125.00



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